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Inclusive Sensory Playground for St. Mary’s School, London

Challenge: St. Mary’s School was dedicated to providing quality education to children with a wide range of special educational needs. They sought an inclusive playground design that would not only accommodate their diverse student population but also stimulate sensory development and encourage social interaction.

Solution: Our team conducted a thorough assessment of the school’s outdoor space and collaborated closely with the school’s staff, therapists, and parents. The result was a transformative sensory playground featuring:

Outcome: The new inclusive sensory playground at St. Mary’s School has become a hub of activity and learning for students with special educational needs. Teachers reported increased engagement, improved communication, and enhanced sensory development among the children. The project received widespread recognition within the community and showcased the power of inclusive playground design in supporting children with diverse needs.

Multi-Sensory Playground at Woodside Community Centre, Manchester

Challenge: The Woodside Community Centre wanted to create an outdoor space that would serve as a beacon of inclusion and offer children with disabilities a place to play, learn, and bond with their peers.

Solution: Our team designed a multi-sensory playground that addressed the unique needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities. Key elements of the design included:

Outcome: The multi-sensory playground at Woodside Community Centre has become a model of inclusive design, promoting social interaction, sensory exploration, and physical development among children with special educational needs. The project united the community, fostered inclusivity, and provided a safe and engaging space for children of all abilities.

Inclusive Nature Playground for Ravenscroft School, Edinburgh

Challenge: Ravenscroft School wanted to enhance its outdoor space to create a natural, inclusive playground that would encourage outdoor learning and exploration for students with special educational needs.

Solution: Our team designed an inclusive nature playground featuring:

Outcome: The inclusive nature playground at Ravenscroft School has become a haven for outdoor learning and exploration. Teachers have reported improved focus, engagement, and a deeper connection with nature among students with special educational needs. The project demonstrated the benefits of nature-based play and inclusive design in supporting holistic development for children with diverse abilities.

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